Greece: Appeal to the leaders in the EU

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellor,

Our European community of 28 countries and 500 million citizens is today under threat from within our very borders and institutions. Letting the current course of events continue to unfold will only allow this danger to grow.

EU leaders, you must lead the way out of this dangerous gridlock. You must move the EU forward. The current choice between two bad, expensive and dangerous options has to be overcome. Only in doing so will the EU avoid losing one of its members, its own credibility and the trust of its citizens.

We urge you to agree on a new deal: a deal that concentrates on the reforms in taxation, public administration, the fight against corruption and for a new economic dynamic. A deal that abstains from pro-cyclical austerity measures, which are economically self-defeating and socially irresponsible. A deal of real, sustainable investment. A deal to restructure and grant relief to Greek debt.

This is about the EU and not just about Greece. It is about our shared efforts to build a European democracy. If the idea of a united democratic Europe, delivering on its promise of shared freedom, peace and prosperity, can no longer find its architects of unity, it will falter and die. Therefore, we call on you, heads of state and government, including the Greek government, to pave the way for Greece's sustainable recovery on the basis of the deal proposed above.

Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts
Co-Presidents of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer
Co-Chairs of the European Green Party

Sven Giegold and Ernest Urtasun
Members of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Giorgos Dimaras, Philipos Ganoulis, Michalis Tremopoulos - Oikologoi Prasinoi (Greece)
Meyrem Almaci - Groen (Belgium)
Ahmet Atil Asici and Sevil Turan - Yesiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi (Turkey)
Natalie Bennett - Green Party of England and Wales (UK)
Angelo Bonelli and Luana Zanella - Federazione dei Verdi (Italy) 
Dolors Camats and Juan Herrera Torres - Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (Spain, Catalunya)
Laura Carlier and Teo Comet - Federation of Young European Greens
Arnold Cassola -  Alternattiva Demokratika (Malta)
Emmanuelle Cosse - Europe Ecologie Les Verts (France)
Jana Drápalová - Strana Zelených (Czech Republic)
Patrick Dupriez and Zakia Khattabi - Ecolo (Belgium)
Françoise Folmer and Christian Kmiotek - déi gréng (Luxembourg)
Eva Glawischnig and Werner Kogler - Die Grünen (Austria) 
Rasmus Hansson and Hilde Opoku - Miljøpartiet De Grønne (Norway)
Patrick Harvie and Maggie Chapman - Scottish Green Party (Scotland)
Igor Jurišič - SMS Zeleni Evrope (Slovenia)
Jesse Klaver - GroenLinks (Netherlands)
Alexey Kozlov - Zelenaya Alternativa GROZA (Russia)
Aleksander Laane - Eestimaa Rohelised (Estonia)
Juan López de Uralde and Rosa Martinez - EQUO (Spain)
Ville Niinistö - Vihreät - De Gröna (Finland) 
Pia Olsen Dyhr - Socialistisk Folkeparti (Denmark)
Adam Ostolski and Malgorzata Tracz - Zieloni (Poland)
Cem Özdemir and Simone Peter - Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Germany)
Georgios Perdikis - Cyprus Green Party (Cyprus)
Liljana Popovska - Demokratska Obnova na Makedonija (Macedonia)
Eamon Ryan - Comhaontas Glas (Ireland)
András Schiffer and Bernadett Szél - Lehet Más a Politika (Hungary)
Otto ter Haar, De Groenen (Netherlands)
Petko Tzvetkov - Zelenite (Bulgaria)

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